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Dogs communicate by barking. To a human, all barks sound the same; science tells us they are not. Bio-Sense has developed the means to tell one bark from the other with a patent-protected technology that translates dog barks into digital signals. The translation is done by utilizing a proprietary algorithm that filters dog barks and captures a specific set of barks that fall into a pre-defined "threat" category.

Numerous academic and field studies have been conducted to prove that dogs communicate. Predictably, the acoustic structure of barks varies with context. Barks are lower in pitch and longer in duration when the dog is distressed or threatened. Research has shown that different types of barks serve different, specific functions that are universally understood by all dogs.

When a dog barks, we can be sure it has sensed something. Dogs are considered to be the best intrusion detectors available today due to their extremely sharp senses. Among others, dogs possess superior night vision and smell and hearing abilities that are thousands of times greater than those of humans.


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