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Bio-Sense Technologies Ltd. Develops patent protected field proven technology, which is capable of understanding and distinguishing between various dog bark types. The unique and innovative approach is implemented in a cellular communication collar for dogs. The collar contacts the owner when the dog responds to threat situations in his vicinity, such as an attack, intruder, wild animals, fire, etc.


The Telidog collar supports additional exciting features such as monitoring the dog\s physiological condition, notifying the owner on physiological state, and real time tracking of the dog's location, offering an alert when the dog leaves his defined territory.


Telidog collar  brings the capability to understand and communicate with the dog and receive distress and location notifications. The owner can reciev the alert to his cellular phone by text message or normal phone call allowing to hear what the dog is communicating.




  • Identify and analyze dog alarm barks.
  • Monitor and analyze dog motor activity
  • Contact up to 3 designated cellular numbers.
  • Rechargeable battery operated, support up to 2 weeks of normal operation.


TeliDog Collar