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How To Watch The Shaheed Uddham Singh Movie Online For Free UPD In Hindi


The Shaheed Uddham Singh Free Download In Hindi: A Tribute to the Revolutionary Martyr

The Shaheed Uddham Singh is a biographical film based on the life of Udham Singh, an Indian revolutionary who assassinated Michael O'Dwyer, the former Lieutenant Governor of Punjab, in London in 1940. O'Dwyer was responsible for ordering the Jallianwala Bagh massacre in Amritsar in 1919, where hundreds of peaceful protesters were killed by British troops. Udham Singh was hanged for his act of revenge, but he became a symbol of courage and patriotism for the Indian independence movement.

How to Watch The Shaheed Uddham Singh Movie Online for Free in Hindi

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The film was released in 1999 in Punjabi language and starred Raj Babbar as Udham Singh, Gurdas Maan as Bhagat Singh, Shatrughan Sinha as Muhammad Khan, Amrish Puri as a Sufi saint, and Juhi Chawla as Noor Jehan. The film was directed by Chitraarth and had music by Jagjit Singh. The film was critically acclaimed and won several awards, including the National Film Award for Best Feature Film on National Integration.[^1^]

The film is now available for free download in Hindi language on various online platforms. The film is a must-watch for anyone who wants to learn more about the history and heroism of Udham Singh and his fellow freedom fighters. The film is also a tribute to the martyrs of Jallianwala Bagh massacre, who sacrificed their lives for the cause of India's freedom.

If you are looking for The Shaheed Uddham Singh free download in Hindi, you can visit the following websites:

  • Website 1: This website offers high-quality video and audio download of the film in Hindi language. You can also watch the film online or download it on your device.

  • Website 2: This website provides a link to download the film in Hindi language from a third-party source. You can also read more about the film's cast, crew, plot, trivia, and reviews on this website.

  • Website 3: This website also provides a link to download the film in Hindi language from a third-party source. You can also check out the film's trailer, photos, and ratings on this website.

The Shaheed Uddham Singh free download in Hindi is a great opportunity to watch this epic film and pay homage to one of India's greatest heroes. The film is not only a historical drama but also a powerful message of resistance and justice. Watch The Shaheed Uddham Singh free download in Hindi today and get inspired by the legend of Udham Singh.



The film also depicts the life and struggle of Bhagat Singh, another iconic revolutionary who was hanged by the British in 1931. Bhagat Singh was a close friend and mentor of Udham Singh and influenced his political views and actions. The film shows how Udham Singh joined the Hindustan Socialist Republican Association (HSRA), a revolutionary organization led by Bhagat Singh and his comrades. The film also portrays the famous Lahore Conspiracy Case, where Bhagat Singh and his associates were arrested and tried for killing a British police officer.

Another important character in the film is Muhammad Khan, a Muslim freedom fighter who was also a member of the HSRA. Muhammad Khan was one of the few people who knew about Udham Singh's plan to kill O'Dwyer and helped him escape from India. Muhammad Khan also accompanied Udham Singh to London and provided him with moral and financial support. The film highlights the friendship and solidarity between Udham Singh and Muhammad Khan, despite their religious differences.

The film also explores the personal life of Udham Singh, especially his relationship with Noor Jehan, a courtesan who sheltered him from the British authorities. Noor Jehan was a beautiful and talented singer who fell in love with Udham Singh and supported his cause. The film shows how Udham Singh and Noor Jehan shared a passionate and tragic romance, as they knew that their time together was limited.

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