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I have a link and I'm sending it to wxWebRequest to download a file, but it doesn't seem to return anything. The only "download functionality" I've got working so far is downloading webpages with the AsString() function in the WxWebRequest class, and also Images by passing *(evt.GetResponse().GetStream()) to the wxImage constructor. wxSound only accepts wav files, so passing a stream to wxSound won't work with the need to download mp3s.

The problem is that webres.GetDataFile() seems to return an empty string for the file name. The image download functionality using a dataStream * seems to fine for downloading images, but webres.GetDataFile(); doesn't seem to work as expected so the wav,.mp3 download functionality doesn't work.

sorry, yes. Same 100 Mb switch. similar gigabit cards. Both workstations will download a very large file in about the same amount of time. The problem seems to be focused on the 1 mapped drive with 6000 + files/folders. 59ce067264


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