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Slaughterers had spiky red hair and red skin. Their skin colour came from prolonged exposure to smoke from redoak chippings. They were naturally nocturnal, waking up at sundown and having lunch in the middle of the night, though slaughterers living in cities like Undertown were generally forced to adapt to diurnality.

Many other deepwoods people did not know that the smoke affected the skin colour of the slaughterers and despised the Slaughterers for their ferocious appearance. It was believed that blood from the butchery had entered their pores and coloured their whole body. No other deepwoods folk wanted to be associated with them and they were called ' the bottom of the pot '.Slaughterers were however very open and welcoming, offering everyone a place in their middle. Touching one's forehead and then touching another person's forehead made them 'brothers'.

The slaughterers were a peaceful folk that loved feasting. Whenever something could be celebrated, a large fire was lit in the middle of the village and woodale, hammelhorn steaks and tilder sausages were served.Slaughterer's were cheerful and loved to dance and sing for example this simple canon:

Like many other Deepwoods folks, the slaughterers believed in the power of amulets. They also feared the Gloamglozer. They had a healthy respect for the dangers of the Deepwoods and preferred the life in a safe community.

In The Last of the Sky Pirates, Rook met the slaughterers from the Slaughterers' Camp who herded their tilder with skycraft. He was rescued by Knuckle from being devoured by logworms on the Silver Pastures. Another slaughterer, Brisket, taught sail-setting to the young librarian-knight apprentices. Knuckle became one of Rook's closest friends and accompanied him to the Foundry Glades where they wanted to free banderbears that were kept as slaves.In Vox, an old slaughterer was sold alongside Rook on the Slave Market of Undertown.In Freeglader, Rook met many slaughterers in the Freeglade Lancers, the most prominent of them being Ligger.

There is an inconsistency regarding the causes for the slaughterers's dark red complexion and hair. If the deep, dark red was really caused by the crimson smoke of redoak chips[3], this does not explain how slaughterers living in Undertown or in other big cities also had red skin. Moreover, Keris Barkwater, the daughter of a fourthling and a slaughterer, had pale skin and black hair[4], even though she grew up and lived in a traditional slaughterer camp in the Deepwoods and was exposed to the smokes of curing meat. It is therefore impossible for the red skin and hair colour of the slaughterers to be only caused by the redoak smoke.

Last week, Birnbaum and Rabbi Dr. Ari Greenspan, a shochet, educator and dentist, traveled to Ethiopia to oversee the examination process. In the presence of their families and fellow community members, the men all received certifications allowing them to act as halachically-approved ritual slaughterers.

Thousands of Jews live in Ethiopia, mostly in the city of Gondar and the capital of Addis Ababa, yet they lack many of the basic services and infrastructure that are available in larger communities, including a full-time kosher slaughterhouse. Though ritual slaughterers would occasionally visit Ethiopia, particularly before holidays to ensure a supply of kosher meat, this situation meant that many observant Jews in Ethiopia were forced to keep a vegetarian diet.

Custom slaughterers or itinerant butchers that slaughter cattle for the producer on his premises are now required to be registered with the California Department of Food and Agriculture. They should also check with local officials to fulfill any license or permit requirements.

53-7-220. Licensing of custom slaughterers Fee. (a) Upon application, custom slaughterers shall also be licensed by the department of agriculture for the same periods of time as other licensees; provided, that the custom slaughterers first satisfy the


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