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GTA 3 Clean Copy [no Install Needed] The Game [REPACK]

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GTA 3 Clean Copy [no Install Needed] The Game [REPACK]

I just think putting the effort into making legacy games work together with the newer stuff instead of ignoring them is wrong in a way, even if I would love to have all my games work on everything.

Duskknights I don't know I am an itch player and a good 90% of the time I get stuck at the loading screen. Restarting the game too much works some times. Last time I remember doing that it took me too long and I had to quit out of the game, so I'm not sure if that's still necessary. People like me are why i give support. My support I guess.

ExclusiveHater You know what, Epic don't offer a nice smooth experience for a lot of people if you're on Linux and Windows. I don't think that I should have to get a mouse just to play a game for them to offer something that works well on Windows and Linux. The Windows 10 version should be on the store right now, or at the very least I should have it available for downloading, I think the mobile stuff is totally acceptable, but this is just a port. They should have made it a native port of the Windows 10 version instead of throwing crap like the 3D mouse wobble on both Xbox One and PS4 .

Markman I guess I try to get people to play the old stuff but the only thing I'm worried about is booting into the old style. The side-scrolling games are all still easier on the gamepad to play at home and I don't think they should get rid of the camera controls but the controls seem so much better with the action games.

I have the data, hah. And is there a bit of a physical version I do want to download it from the store, I just don't want to leave my Switch and go back to the desktop. The game needs no explanation but here's one anyway. It's an old multiplayer song from the time people used to record and share music, and since I've gotten older I've realised how silly that was but it's a fun song anyway. 3d9ccd7d82


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