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Miss Phathupats Full ((INSTALL)) Story English Version

Miss Phathupats is a short story written by Juan Crisostomo Soto, a Filipino writer and journalist who wrote in Kapampangan, a regional language spoken in the province of Pampanga. The story was first published in 1907 in a Kapampangan newspaper called Ing Emangabiran (The Messenger). The story is a satire of the colonial mentality and cultural assimilation of some Filipinos during the American occupation of the Philippines. The story tells the story of Miss Yeyeng, a young woman who sells snacks in the streets of Pampanga. She learns English from an American soldier and becomes a teacher in another town. She then pretends to have forgotten her native language and culture and tries to act like an American. She also changes her appearance by wearing heavy makeup and a tight corset that makes her look like a patupat, a type of rice cake wrapped in banana leaves. Because of this, the people who know her mockingly call her Miss Phathupats, which means "Miss Patupat" in Kapampangan. The story shows how Miss Phathupats is humiliated and exposed for her arrogance and hypocrisy when she attends a fiesta in her hometown.

miss phathupats full story english version



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