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HACK Adobe After Effects 6.5 Professional

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HACK Adobe After Effects 6.5 Professional

Animation presets are a long-overdue addition for easing workflow and creating uniform animations and looks. Adobe has sweetened the feature by including 250 animated text presets. While canned content often looks tacky, these professionally designed effects are of very high quality.

No. It's not something that has come up too much. Actually, here's an interesting story. My daughter had a drama, media class and my wife maybe offered up me to come to, I don't know, a career day kind of thing. I couldn't make it, so I said, "Well, listen, I'll come in one afternoon and I'll bring my laptop. I'll do a little mini presentation." I put together a few, here's a little bit of Star Wars, here's a little bit of this and I'll just talk basically about how after effects works and the idea behind post editing for a class, I think it was fourth or fifth graders. I get in there and it was a lot of fun actually. I showed the kids and they were all super into it. I was showing the graphics and they had a good time. Then I'm like, I worked on this movie and they just were not impressed. They're like, "Do you work on any video games" I was like, "No." They were like, "Did you work on Minecraft" I was like, "No."

Yeah, I agree. I think that when that stuff starts trickling into... I mean, it's already making its way into the 3D world pretty quickly and I hope that it also makes its way into after effects in one form or another. I know that when it does and I need to know how it works, I will go to your YouTube channel and I will watch the videos. Andrew, thank you so much. My last question for you, it's a simple one. I'm hoping you can help me. just imagine that you had a podcast and it was the 100th episode of the podcast and you knew it was going to be very exciting, and you were the host. How would you introduce that podcast

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