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__TOP__ Free Download Social Engineering Toolkit For Windows 7

What is the Social Engineering Toolkit?

The Social Engineering Toolkit is a framework that allows you to create and launch realistic social engineering scenarios. It has a number of custom attack vectors that can help you craft convincing phishing emails, web pages, malware payloads, and more. Some of the features of SET include:

free download social engineering toolkit for windows 7

  • Credential harvester: A tool that can clone any website and capture the credentials entered by the victim.

  • Spear phishing: A tool that can send customized emails with malicious attachments or links to a list of targets.

  • Web attack: A tool that can create fake web pages that exploit various vulnerabilities in browsers or plugins.

  • Infectious media generator: A tool that can create autorun files that execute malicious code when inserted into a USB drive or CD/DVD.

  • Wireless access point attack: A tool that can create a rogue wireless network that mimics a legitimate one and captures the traffic of the connected devices.

  • QR code generator: A tool that can create QR codes that redirect to malicious websites or execute code on mobile devices.

  • Payload generator: A tool that can create various types of payloads, such as shellcode, executables, PowerShell scripts, Java applets, etc.

  • Mass mailer attack: A tool that can send mass emails with malicious attachments or links to a large number of recipients.

  • SMS spoofing attack: A tool that can send fake SMS messages to a target phone number.

SET is designed to work with Kali Linux, a popular penetration testing distribution. However, it can also be installed on Windows 7 with some modifications. Here are the steps to do so:

How to Install SET on Windows 7

  • Download and install Git from Make sure to check the option to use Git from the Windows Command Prompt during the installation.

  • Navigate to the setoolkit folder and type pip3 install -r requirements.txt to install the required Python modules for SET.

  • Type python to run the setup script for SET. Follow the instructions on the screen and accept the license agreement.

  • Type setoolkit to launch SET. You should see a welcome message and a menu with various options.

How to Use SET on Windows 7

To use SET on Windows 7, you need to select an option from the main menu and follow the prompts. For example, if you want to perform a credential harvester attack, you need to select option 1 (Social-Engineering Attacks), then option 2 (Website Attack Vectors), then option 3 (Credential Harvester Attack). You will then be asked to enter the URL of the website you want to clone, the IP address of your machine, and the port number you want to use. SET will then clone the website and start a web server on your machine. You can then send the link of your fake website to your target and wait for them to enter their credentials. SET will capture any credentials entered by the victim and display them on your screen.

You can explore other options in SET and try different attacks. However, be aware that some features may not work properly on Windows 7 due c481cea774


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