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Download 3.55 Rogero Downgrader Rsod.Pup WORK

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hi guys im just a noob here trying to downgrade my ps3. i got to where i downloaded cfw 3.55 kmeaw n tried updating it but eveytime i got an error. any advice you can give guys or any step by step instructions

Den i tried to install d rogero 3.55 v3.7 cfw bt each time i do dat either via xmb or via recovery, i keep getting the RSOD( a serious error has occurred. Pls contact support).I hav tried it more dan 20 times bt i keep getting d same error. Wat am i missing Pls help.PS: its a Phat Ps3 CECHPxx

Rogero Downgrader - This CFW can be installed fine from XMB Update over any CFW version ( 3.55 --> 9.99 )- RSOD screen bypass patch for RSOD machines (it won't fix the RSOD but allows the PS3 to boot fine into XMB)- It does have all the features from Rogero CEX-3.55 v3.7 Downgrading back to CFW3.55 from any CFW version (3.55 --> 9.99) is always possible using the following steps: - Download the Rogero Downgrader PUP from the links posted above.- Rename the downloaded file to "PS3UPDAT.PUP" and put it on your USB in: "USB\PS3\UPDATE\PS3UPDAT.PUP"- While on any CFW version, go to System Update from XMB and install the Downgrader PUP.- After the Downgrader PUP installs you'll be back on CFW3.55 (but the syscon version will still have 9.99 in it)- In case you didn't have it Set Before, Enable QA flag by following these steps: Enable QA - Download the Rebug QA_Toggle package from here ---> toggle_qa.pkg- Put the "toggle_qa.pkg" on USB and Install it on the PS3.- Run the "Rebug Toggle QA" from XMB, the screen will go Black and you will see HDD Led activity then if all went fine you will hear 2 or 3 Beeps and the PS3 will Restart back to XMB.- If you want to make sure QA flag was set, go to "Network Settings" then apply the following key combo (all at the same time): L1 + L2 + L3 (press left stick) + R1 + R2 + dpad_down You should see Edy Viewer, Debug Settings, and Install Package Files if done correctly. - Now put "Rogero CEX-3.55 CFW V3.7" on your USB in: "USB\PS3\UPDATE\PS3UPDAT.PUP" ---> Rogero CEX-3.55 CFW V3.7.PUP- Start the PS3 and install "Rogero CEX-3.55 CFW V3.7" using the System Update from XMB.- Once you're back on Rogero CFW3.55 v3.7 you can now install any CFW you want using the System Update from XMB (or Recovery Menu if XMB Update didn't work).

Bluedisk is a modified frankenstein firmware, with 4.21 and 4.25 files. The PS3 needs to be already running 3.55 to "upgrade" to 'Bluedisk', and user should send EID0 and a CDKEY before getting a download link. It has a non Sony DRM mechanism, locking it to the perconsole unique eid0 via serverside injected aim iso module, which was rendered useless within half an hour of the release. The same day a nonDRM version was released, while the server of Bluedisk was no longer capable of handling the traffic and cdkey handing out was suspended.

سلامخسته نباشیدلطفا rogero cfw 3.55 هم قرار بدینچون باید بعد ار دانگرید کردن اینو نصب کنیم تا بشه ب فریمور های دیگه اپدیت کردمرسی

Rebug_4.53.2u_rex_cobra by joonie86 ,as from now ive installed this in 2 slims CECH-2003B and CECH-2504B and 1 phat nand CECHC and a phat CECHM nor models firmware is running fine with multiman,showtine and playing ps3isos and ps1isos and ps2isos to with irisman installed and also logged into psn with 4.60 spoofer no problem played gta for 1 hour and also cod ghosts no problems all settings in this rebug working perfect no softbrick on bricking issues also boots up fine xmb if installing use rogero downgrader to 3.55 and then put on usb stick 3.55 ofw and then install rebug also this will not install over habids 4.55 or rogero 4.55 so you need to downgrade to 3.55 to install it always make sure you are flagged so you can go up and down cfw without the rick of bricking issues and its always handy to have a flasher handy when checking out firmware thanks to joonie86 for the updates on this

De meest veilige methode is via recovery mode. Draait de PS3 momenteel op CEX cfw zoals Rogero 4.XX, Habib 4.XX, Rebug 4.XX of Fer

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