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Robinson Crusoe And The Cursed Pirates Game ##HOT##

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Robinson Crusoe And The Cursed Pirates Game ##HOT##

Robinson Crusoe and his friend Friday are back in their greatest adventure yet in Robinson Crusoe and the Cursed Pirates! After escaping the inhabited island, Robinson Crusoe sets sail for Brazil. Four weeks later, however, he and Friday encounter an uncharted land mass in the middle of the ocean. Take on the undead pirates and find a cure for a mysterious voodoo curse in this Hidden Object Adventure game!

This is quite the game. There was several things in this game that made me laugh. I love the way the Captain was a cross dresser and the sleeping pirate with the little cannibal boy watching over him.This was a great all around game. The hidden objects were played in two stages. First you set of hidden objects were mainly same kind of objects...magnifying glasses or fish. Then you were given a specific list of hidden objects. In the hidden objects game, you were given puzzles to play. Some were easy, some were challenging. I found that I had to use the hint button on several occasions. The hint button takes a little bit to recharge, so be prepared.The storyline was pretty interesting. I love stories of pirates, so I was willing to watch all the cut scenes.In all this game presents several challenges. You will find yourself cursing the game because some of the items are hidden so well...which is what I want out of a hidden object game. EXCELLENT MONEY SPENT! 1e1e36bf2d


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