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Homework Reading The Tightening Noose Answers !LINK!


The October 7, 1963, issue of the Militant reported Castro assaying Cuba could not accept a situation where at the same time theUnited States was trying to ease world tensions it also. "wasincreasing its efforts to 'tighten the noose' around Cuba." 396Castro's opposition to President Kennedy's attempt to reduce worldtensions was also reported in the October 1, 1963, issue of theWorker, to which Oswald also subscribed.397 In this connection itshould be noted that in speaking of the Worker, Oswald told MichaelPaine, apparently in all seriousness, that "you could tell what theywanted you to do ... by reading between the lines, reading the thingand doing a little reading between the lines.." 398

So the noose is tightening more precipitously than it ever has before, and in this instance, the KGB seemingly has no idea. They're sending William out for One Last Mission, without realizing that he's been completely compromised.

The new government plan announced in early August instituted a 90-day freeze on wages and prices, but not on dividends, interest, or profits. Even imminent pay raises negotiated earlier by unions on behalf of 1.3 million employees were frozen. Most interest groups and the general public, including the corporate community, responded to the freeze with strong approval, but unions reacted negatively because they thought it was aimed at them. As historian Allen Matusow (1998, p. 157) explained, "Everyone knew the real purposes of the freeze. It was to halt the excessive wage settlements driving up cost-push inflation." The noose was tightening around the unions and their attempt to stay even with inflation. 1e1e36bf2d


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