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Playing nfs carbon on pc. Same problem! So I pay 40 for the game and another 3-5 now and how much later I understand the enhanced feature but they could make it a choice!! They should update nfs porsche unleashed! That was an excellent game!

Zn(2)TiO(4)@carbon core/shell nanofibers (Zn(2)TiO(4)@C NFs) with different thickness of carbon layers (from 2 to 8 nm) were fabricated by combining the electrospinning technique and hydrothermal method. The results showed that a uniform carbon layer was formed around the electrospun Zn(2)TiO(4) nanofiber (Zn(2)TiO(4) NFs). By adjusting the hydrothermal fabrication parameters, the thickness of carbon layer varied linearly with the concentration of glucose. Furthermore, the core/shell structure formed between Zn(2)TiO(4) and carbon enhanced the charge separation of pure Zn(2)TiO(4) under ultraviolet excitation, as evidenced by photoluminescence spectra. The photocatalytic studies revealed that the Zn(2)TiO(4)@C NFs exhibited enhanced photocatalytic efficiency of photodegradation of Rhodamine B (RB) compared with the pure Zn(2)TiO(4) NFs under ultraviolet excitation, which might be attributed to the high separation efficiency of photogenerated electrons and holes based on the synergistic effect between carbon and Zn(2)TiO(4). Notably, the Zn(2)TiO(4)@C NFs could be recycled easily by sedimentation without a decrease of the photocatalytic activity.

Lithium-sulfur (Li-S) batteries with high theoretical energy density have caught enormous attention for electrochemical power source applications. However, the development of Li-S batteries is hindered by the electrochemical performance decay that resulted from low electrical conductivity of sulfur and serious shuttling effect of intermediate polysulfides. Moreover, the areal capacity is usually restricted by the low areal sulfur loadings (1.0-3.0 mg cm-2). When the areal sulfur loading increases to a practically accepted level above 3.0-5.0 mg cm-2, the areal capacity and cycling life tend to become inferior. Herein, we report an effective polysulfide mediator composed of nitrogen-doped carbon nanotube (N-CNT) forest planted on cobalt nanoflowers (N-CNTs/Co-NFs). The abundant pores in N-CNTs/Co-NFs can allow a high sulfur content (78 wt %) and block the dissolution/diffusion of polysulfides via physical confinement, and the Co nanoparticles and nitrogen heteroatoms (4.3 at. %) can enhance the polysulfide retention via strong chemisorption capability. Moreover, the planted N-CNT forest on N-CNTs/Co-NFs can enable fast electron transfer and electrolyte penetration. Benefiting from the above merits, the sulfur-filled N-CNTs/Co-NFs (S/N-CNTs/Co-NFs) cathodes with high areal sulfur loadings exhibit low self-discharge rate, high areal capacity, and stable cycling performance. 59ce067264


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