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Laubwerk Surfacespread V1043 Cinema 4d R17 16

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Laubwerk Surfacespread V1043 Cinema 4d R17 16

laubwerk plants kits are powerful 3d plant modeling tools that provide the perfect balance between high quality and simplicity. laubwerk's 3d plant kits are based on the best ideas from the largest software companies and platforms in the industry, and are designed for the new generation of users who are looking for a simpler way to make high-quality 3d plant models.

surfacespread can be integrated into sketchup, cinema 4d, maya, 3ds max, houdini, and python. the plugin also requires no additional plugins or additional skills to use, which makes it easy for sketchup, cinema 4d, maya, 3ds max, houdini, and python users to use the plugin in their software.

to make users' projects look great right out of the box, laubwerk plants kits have been carefully crafted to run in sketchup, 3ds max, cinema 4d, and maya. all of the kits support both procedural and vertex-based textures. to further speed up users' projects, the kits include pre-built shaders for sketchup, cinema 4d, and maya. these shaders are based on real-world materials, including "leaves-on-leaves" leaves that look just like real leaves.

laubwerk plants kits are currently available for sketchup, cinema 4d, maya, and 3ds max, and new kits are being added all the time. if you want to be notified when new versions of the kits are released, please subscribe to our newsletter.

luzern, switzerland-based laubwerk is a global digital botany company with offices in berlin, germany and potsdam, germany. laubwerk offers the worlds only software packages that cover every step in digital plant modeling from concept to deployment. laubwerk software is integrated in leading dcc packages as well as in leading visual effects and architecture software, offering the flexibility of working with plants in any application. 3d9ccd7d82


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