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[S16E14] Veteran Guy


This episode features examples of these tropes: Big Damn Heroes: Quagmire shows up to rescue Peter, Joe and Cleveland and disposes of the bomb on board the yacht. Leeroy Jenkins: Cleveland straight-up namedrops this trope when Peter, Joe, and Cleveland have to face off against a group of guys with Uzis. Only Sane Man: Quagmire is the only one in Peter's group who is offended about pretending to be a veteran, since he himself is an actual veteran. In fact, he gets so fed up with his friends' shenanigans that he walks out on them. Phony Veteran: What lands Peter and friends in trouble. They pretend to be veterans to get assorted perks before finally getting caught. Since he is an actual veteran, Quagmire is spared any of the legal ramifications, but Ida demands he join the others in the Coast Guard to atone for participating in their antics. Running Gag: Peter, Joe and Cleveland eat at The Olive Garden when one of them is about to mention family. At the end, Cleveland stops Quagmire before he can mention it. "I'm not going back to that restaurant!" Screw This, I'm Outta Here: After having had enough of his friends not taking the Coast Guard seriously, Quagmire leaves the hotel. Take That!: Namor the Sub-Mariner of Marvel Comics makes an appearance where the guys are unimpressed and instead prefer the newly arriving Aquaman.

He tried to tell people the truth but they just wouldn't listen. Because the cap was so cool and after realizing there were perks being a veteran, he decided to keep pretending -- even convincing the guys to pretend along with him. 59ce067264


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