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Most individuals exert their free will through consumption, that is, selection of the products, whereby marketplace free will can be lost because of deterring conditions (Hill, 2019), thus leading to higher consumer vulnerability. In addition, consumers might be forced to endure restrictions on their desires, market spaces, and sources of satisfaction (Hill, 2019). Shi et al. (2017) indicate that consumers might experience emotional pressures when faced with different marketing stimulations, and may thus lack the ability to make proper purchasing decisions. Furthermore, consumers might be vulnerable because of their inability to seek alternatives because of the lack of purchasing experience (Glavas et al., 2020) and inadequate consumption access to resources (e.g., clothing, food, and healthcare) (Martin & Hill, 2012). This leads to the assumption that consumers might be vulnerable due to purchase inability given the marketing circumstances, such as the pandemic, and the consequent low offering or unavailability of products, which might affect their purchase and satisfaction during the pandemic. Hence,

Although the marketplace can be threatening to consumers and increase their vulnerability (e.g., with low literacy or the inability to discriminate among similar stimuli) (Shi et al., 2017), some consumers can learn new ways of dealing with negative experiences (Stewart & Yap, 2020) and maintain control over their marketplace functioning (Hill & Sharma, 2020). Therefore, it can be assumed that some vulnerable consumers might rely on marketing efforts, and they might thus be forced to make purchase decisions, given the pandemic situation. In addition, if a certain level of purchase satisfaction is achieved in that sense, the same might be a valid reason for making other purchase decisions (e.g., repurchase), especially considering that purchase satisfaction is a precondition for repurchase intention (Elbeltagi & Agang, 2016; Rose et al., 2012). Moreover, some vulnerable consumers may endure less favorable outcomes from their service encounters (Glavas et al., 2020). If so, they might still be prone to making repurchase decisions in that particular situation. Hence, we propose:

Additional descriptive analysis showed certain consumer behavior patterns (Table 3). Namely, it seems that not all consumers switched to online buying. A significant portion of the consumers bought goods online, while the rest retained their older habits of buying in physical stores.

March 2022 marks roughly two years since the coronavirus pandemic spurred many U.S. consumers to go into lockdown mode as COVID-19 spread rapidly throughout the country. Many consumers flocked online to buy their essential items, pushing ecommerce sales to new heights.

Overall in 2021, consumers spent $870.78 billion online with U.S. merchants, up 14.2% from $762.68 billion in 2020. If the pandemic would not have happened, Digital Commerce 360 estimates ecommerce sales would not have reached $870.78 billion for two more years, until 2023. And online sales would have only reached $754.33 billion in 2021.

From March 2020 through February 2022, U.S. consumers spent $1.7 trillion online, $609 billion more than the two preceding years combined (2018 and 2019), according to new data from The Adobe Digital Economy Index. Adobe bases its data on 1 trillion visits to U.S. retail sites, over 100 million SKUs, and 18 product categories.

These changes in consumer behavior and finances caused massive shifts in online spend by category. Online grocery sales increased 103% year over year in 2020, with U.S. consumers spending $73.7 billion online, according to Adobe. Shoppers kept up that pace and then some in 2021, spending $79.2 billion on online groceries in 2021, up 7.2% compared with 2020.

Other highly impacted categories in online spend include electronics, hardware/home improvement, and home furnishings. Merchants in these categories increased online sales substantially in 2020 and


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