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Mr. Eyal Zehavi
– CEO, Founder
Mr. Zehavi has a 10 years track record in research and development as well as project management in the high technology arena. In addition to his significant background in the defense and security markets, Mr. Zehavi has a BSc in Computers and Economics (Tel-Aviv University) and is an officer in the IAF (Res.).

Mrs. Avital Margulis –VP Business Development
Avital is highly experienced in the fields of business management and projects initiatives in the different sectors both in Israel and abroad.
Avital holds a BA degree in business administration and an MBA degree from Ben Gurion University.

Dr. Eli Zirkel - DSP chief scientist
Dr. Zirkel is a Ph.D. in Information Engineering from Cambridge University, UK. He has deep experience in speech recognition understanding and dialogue; information retrieval by voice and product development. He filed many patents in the speech analysis and the recognition field

Dr. Irit Gazit - Canine Behavioral Expert
Having recently published her doctoral research regarding the canine sniffing system for the identification of substances for the security services, Dr. Gazit is the leader and instructor of Bio-Sense's canine behavior studies. In the context of her research, a system for recording and processing canine signals was constructed, in collaboration with the army, the police and academia. Dr. Gazit also has advanced degrees in biology and zoology.

Ms. Cecilia Saleme. – Business Development, USA
Ms. Cecilia Saleme – International Business Development, United States Based in San-Jose California, and with an MBA in Global Management, Ms. Saleme has a comprehensive background in product marketing, communications, and sales. She has worked in Honeywell technology industries and the electronic security systems market. A Certified Pet Dog Trainer, she also has the benefit of extensive experience in canine behavior and training.

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