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DogGuard is an exceptionally unique security system. In order to provide you with a complete security solution, DogGuard incorporates the extraordinary, age-old skills of well-trained watchdogs into advanced, state-of-the-art technology. Using its highly sensitive sensors, DogGuard interprets the dogs' barks, precisely indicating an unauthorized access attempt to any secured site. In addition to such early alerts, the dogs also serve as a deterring and delaying factor, thus providing the response team with a longer response time.

Installations: the system is operational. During the last few years, it has been put to use in many secured sites, such as prisons, air force bases, as well as many business establishments and private residences.

The dog: using its sharp senses, the dog perceives intrusion attempt long before it actually occurs. The dog's alarm barks (as opposed to play barks or barking at a cat) activate the DogGuard sensors, which then turn the alarm system on. The dog's natural alertness, which increases at night, allows you to sleep soundly even in the worst of weathers.

The sensors: capable of identifying the dogs' alarm barks, the sensors greatly reduce the risk of false alarms, thus preventing the system from being activated by a cat or an innocent passerby.

Costs: the system is highly cost-effective, and offers maximum security at a minimum price.

Insurance Companies: DogGuard has been examined by the largest insurance companies in the country, and has been approved as a highly efficient security means, perfectly capable of replacing expensive human personnel.

User-friendly: The DogGuard system is small, does not protrude, and can be easily installed anywhere. The system is completely dog-friendly, and has been approved by all animal welfare organizations.

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